Our concierge services are for Guests during their stay in your property. This includes:

Marketing & Communication:

International Property Promotion and Optimization - We work in collaboration with LacMontagne Properties, a UK-based reservation agency serving primarily Anglo-Saxon clients with property interests in the region.

We Organise professional photos of your property with Limn Photography Agency

Follow-up of reservations and management of all communications before, during and after the client's stay

Multilingual service and cross-cultural approach

Reception & Conciergerie:

Preparing the house before arrivals: household checks and linen, heating and electricity, coordinate the intervention of contractors if necessary, inventory management, etc.

Customer reception, house presentation and instructions, inventory of the house, personalization of their stay through a la carte services

Availability during the client's stay, in case of need and emergency intervention

Verification of ownership and inventory at departure.

Coordination of repairs and other urgent intervention during the rental,

Make sure the client has everything they need and more during their stay.

Providing A La Carte Services at the request of your tenants: